Palabras y la musica.
The words and the music.

Empeze a crear musica electronica en el año 2006.
Me pasaron Ableton Live y tenia Reason.
Un año despues me invitaron al colectivo Electrofilia.
Desde el 2008 he estado experimentando con los 2 programas, eso me hizo darme cuenta de que necesito aprender mas sobre sintesis, teoria musical y otros softwares para produccion musical.
Estoy con triplet desde el 2010.

Totore had his first encounter with electronic music production in the year two thousand and six.
A friend introduced him to Ableton Live, provided him a folder containing beat loops, as well as taught him the basics of Ableton’s Live software. It was also in this time, that he undertook to use Reason.
A year after he was invited to take part in the Electrofilia collective, where he met other producers who brought new ideas and production techniques to him.
Since 2008 he has produced dozens of tracks in Reason and Live. This made him realize, that he had to further and deeper learn sound synthesis, music theory and other software music production environments.
He’s with Triplet since 2010.

Aqui puedes escuchar tracks hechos entre el 2007 y el 2011.
Son solo demos, lados b y algunos tracks para Electrofilia y Triplet.

Here you can listen tracks created between 2007 and 2011.
Just demos, B sides and some tracks for Electrofilia and Triplet.

Latest tracks by Totore

Latest tracks by Totoreladosb